Power of the Network

Our community of founders, investors, and subject matter experts FIND, EVALUATE, FUND, and SUPPORT the best companies.

This increases our odds of success and you can invest with us, regardless of your budget.

Why a community of investors?

Four main reasons. Select a category to learn more.
Alone, we won't find all the great companies. Together, we can reach so many more.
We don't want to miss the good ones. Not just the popular deals, but also the underrepresented founders and geographies. Our hundreds of Venture Partners help assure we see a much wider set of amazing startups.
Alone, we're not smart enough to evaluate every great deal. Together, we are subject matter experts.
We think it's silly to miss out on great founders and companies simply because we don't know the space well enough. Our Venture Partners are subject matter experts in many different areas. We catalogue them and call upon them to help us with diligence when we have great companies to look at.
Alone, we can't invest enough to get into the deals we'd like. Together, we are a powerhouse of capital.
Our Venture Partners are founders, operators, angel investors, service providers, subject matter experts, or just curious about angel investing. They come from all walks of life and shapes and colors. They've invested anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 per deal and are building a diversified portfolio for themselves at their own pace.
Alone, we can only give good advice. Together, we can solve the toughest problems in the world.
Money is a commodity. We must do more. If we can help a founder in a time of need they will be forever grateful. Thanks to our deep bench of Venture Partners, we have been able to solve huge problems side-by-side with our founders. This is the most gratifying part of the role we play.

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I'm new to angel investing
We were all new to angel investing at one time. When we started we couldn't invest $25,000 into one deal, let alone 10 of them to get good diversification. With Interlock, you can invest as little as $1,000 per deal and spread your capital among multiple deals to diversify. All while learning from seasoned angel investors as you develop your skills.
  • Diversification within your budget
  • Thorough evaluations done for you, so you can make an informed decision
  • Learn from peers and industry experts
I'm a seasoned angel investor
There are many challenges to angel investing, one of them is quality deal flow. Our ever-growing network of founders, investors, and SMEs gives us ever-increasing access to unique deals that you can be a part of. Not to mention, you can work with and invest along-side a number of peers as you hone your craft.
  • Low dollar entry point, low fees and carry
  • Access to deal flow you wouldn't normally have
  • Collaborate with peers and industry experts
I'm a limited partner
We understand that picking and choosing individual deals isn't for everyone. We also understand that having an edge is key to successfully raising, deploying, and providing a meaningful multiple to LPs via a traditional VC fund. We leverage our extensive network to de-risk every stage of our process, improving our odds of success.
  • Unique funding model that de-risks from multiple angles
  • Exceptional diversification across industry, stage, and more
  • Hundreds of vested subject matter experts on our side
I'm a subject matter expert
Passionate about helping companies? Love mentoring them? Enjoy evaluating teams and technologies? Same here. You'll have exposure to our portfolio of companies and many new deals as they come to us. We'll learn your expertise and bring you in to help evaluate or support our founders!
  • Provide insights during the diligence process
  • Work with other SMEs and peers with similar expertise
  • Support our founders and solve big problems with them
I'm a founder of a startup
Money is a commodity. You can get it from anyone, anywhere. As fellow-founders, we know you have new challenges every week. Our investors, founders, and subject matter experts have helped solve huge problems for our portfolio of companies. We call on them when you need them, so you can get back to building your business.
  • An epic pool of subject matter experts, excited to help
  • A network that can extend to nearly anyone
  • A huge team on your side, without a messy cap table