Our Beliefs

This is what we stand for

Access for all

While it's hard breaking into angel investing, we're cracking the code and working to make it more accessible.

You should be able to get into quality deals within your budget.

You should be able to learn from seasoned investors without feeling like an outsider.

Transparency is a cornerstone

Our deal memos are extremely thorough. You will know who is on the diligence team, their background, and credentials. You will understand the pros AND the cons of the deal. We want you to make an informed investing decision.

We plan to proudly display aggregate data on our diversity of founders and Venture Partners, various funding metrics, and more. This is to help keep us accountable and make sure we're walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

Missing out on great deals is silly

Access: because you never knew about the deal.

Sector: because you're not an expert in an industry.

Capital: because you can't meet a minimum amount.

Geography: because you don't live near them.

Underrepresented: because they can't find you.

Diversity breeds diversity

Diverse Venture Partners will help us find diverse Venture Partners.

Diverse Venture Partners will help us find diverse founders.

Diverse Venture Partners and founders will bring additional lenses to our processes so we make better decisions.

More swings at bat is good

Angel investing is a hard business, most companies will fail. Putting all of your eggs (capital) into one or two baskets (companies) is very risky.

We believe in having a yearly budget for angel investments and diversifying that amount across 5-15 companies per year.

We believe you should be able to get into great companies with whatever capital you have. Large or small.

Give first

We've been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of countless hours of support and help from amazing mentors. We've been trying to give back ever since. We're not sure we'll ever catch up.

It's our goal to build a community of Venture Partners that believe in paying it forward without expectations of return.

Upside for all

We're in this together and all should benefit. Not just the Managing Partners.

Refer a company to us, there will be a benefit to you.

Refer a Venture Partner to us, there will be a benefit to you.

Help substantially with diligence and evaluation, there will be a benefit to you.

We're still entrepreneurs

We don't want to build the same kind of fund that's been built 1000 times over. This is why we're building something unique, impactful, and sustainable. This might not be the easiest path, but we're willing to do the hard work.

We've been founders and operators since 1999. Just because we're building something on the other side of the table doesn't mean that's where we sit. We know what you're going through, and we are empathetic.

We like to break rules too

It's time for something new and different in the angel and VC world. We're aiming to break the mold, just like the founders of our companies. Together, we can break the mold in startup investing too.