Holding ourselves accountable

We believe in transparency. Our deal memos are extensive, and attempt to be as objective as possible. Diligence team details and bios are shared. We want you to make your own informed choices.

But there are other metrics that matter too. Now more than ever. We will share aggregate data like this to make sure we stay on track.

Our Investments

Number of investments we've made
Capital deployed to our founders and companies
Median check size per investment we've made
1.4 mo
Time between each investment we make
Smallest investment we've made
Largest investment we've made

Our Companies

Number of companies we've funded
Companies funded that have female leadership
Companies funded that have ethnically diverse leadership
This metric is coming soon

Our Venture Partners

People like you who've invested with us
Investors that are female
We've got to do better here
Investors that are ethnically diverse
This metric is coming soon