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Bringing the circular economy to the $500B Beauty/Personal Care Industry. The same industry that creates 80B units of single use plastic waste every year.

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Omnitron Sensors

Omnitron is rewriting the script on building high-performance and low-cost sensors for the world of tomorrow.

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Forecastr is the online software platform that helps founders build great financial models, impress investors, and make better decisions.

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MicroAcquire helps startups get acquired. Simple as that. Get free and instant access to 70,000+ trusted buyers.

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An online alternative to traditional arts & crafts hobby stores focused on sophisticated digital offerings, curated kits of tools & materials, and replenishment crafting supplies for the modern maker.

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Mercato connects you to local specialty food shops. Order fresh local groceries online from the stores you love, and have them delivered to your door. You can select from individual items and curated lists and order all of the ingredients to a recipe with one click.

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Watch whatever you want with friends online: movies, TV shows, you name it. Share your screen and camera or launch content directly from Kast TV in your watch parties. Join millions of kasters today!

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EVmatch is the Airbnb of electric vehicle (EV) charging. Find and reserve EV chargers or rent out your home or business chargers. Own an apartment? EVmatch installs chargers with reservation software so you can recoup electricity costs and satisfy/attract residents.

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SURVIVR is a VR training platform that helps first responders improve their decision-making and de-escalation skills. SURVIVR exists to make communities safer with the latest standard of training realism and accessibility—so everyone can go home at night.

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SD Loyal

San Diego Loyal Soccer Club is an American professional soccer team. Loyal to the soil.

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Impossible Foods

The taste and sizzle you crave. Impossible Burger is meat made from plants.

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Launch Factory

We are a startup studio with a unique pathway for launching successful companies. We identify and rigorously vet ideas for our startups, recruit talented entrepreneurs to launch these businesses, and then provide them with seed capital, advisors, and incubation.