Community Building

Building Local Startup Ecosystems, Investing & Influencing with Neal Bloom of Interlock Capital

Neal Bloom speaks with Verious Smith III from Startempire Wire Podcast and talks all about startups in San Diego and community building.

Managing Partner Neal Bloom joins the Startempire Wire Podcast to talk about his entrepreneur and community building journey and how that has led to investing into great founders. He also talks about building an investor community that connects domain expertise and capital to be a force multiplier with companies.

1:17 Your Personal Introduction

1:57 Introduction & Origin of your Startup

14:46 Commercial

16:40 Where are you now & what it is about?

21:22 Interviewing Founder's on Regular Basis

25:36 What makes you invest in other companies

36:36 How to structure the Startup

45:00 Short term goals of your Startup

48:00 Future goals of your Startup

52:00 Info about you & your startup online