Press Release

'Community-Driven' Investing Fuels Interlock Capital

Check out the recent press release by San Diego Business Journal summarizing Interlock Capitals' goals to create a more involved, accessible, and transparent venture fund for the community.

Nearly 2 years ago, Neal Bloom and Al Bsharah came together to create Interlock Capital, a unique and community driven venture fund. With over 270 investors and $3.6 million in capital, they were able to collectively close 17 deals within the first 18 months of Interlock Capitals start.

What makes Interlock Capital unique is their approach:

  • An involved network
  • Accesible Investing
  • Transparency

Involved Network 

The Interlock Capital team don’t just want to write checks to startups, they want to be involved in the companies they invest in. With Interlocks network of investors, portfolio leaders can seek expertise and create connections within the community.

“We’ve had five or six people from our network for companies become full-time advisors and we’ve had one person become a full-time employee,” Bsharah added. “So we know we’re bringing some real value to the table for these companies.”

Accessible Investing 

They also seek to breakdown barriers of entry to investing by making it more accessible to aspiring angel investors. 

“For one-off syndicate investments, the entry point for accredited investors is $1,000 per person per deal,” Bloom said. 


On Interlock Capitals homepage they provide metrics like number of companies invested in, capital deployed, number of venture partners and sizes of investments. They also track diversity metrics of both the companies invested in and the ventures partners.

Check out the full article on the San Diego Business Journal: