How Storytelling Builds Bridges Between Investors and Entrepreneurs

Neal Bloom speaks with Kymberlee Weil on her podcast Storytelling School to chat about how connections and storytelling can help build bridges between investors and entrepreneurs.

The power of storytelling is vital for any investor or founder. From a founder or entrepreneur's perspective a captivating story can change the trajectory of whether they get funding or secure a partnership with potential investors. As an investor, the ability to have empathy and fully listen to an individual's story or pitch can help de-risk ventures and move forward with due diligence.

On Storytelling School's latest podcast episode, Neal Bloom sits down with Kymberlee Weil to talk about how storytelling can help create bridges between investors and entrepreneurs.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How connections can be a life or business story game changer
  • What makes for a great story in your business pitch
  • How story pivots can make you more backable as an entrepreneur


00:00 Intro

1:10 Kymberlee shares her story

3:50 Intro to Neal Bloom

4:15 Neal’s story to entrepreneurship

9:30 Collaborating can accelerate your growth

11:00 Becoming a good investor

12:25 What do investors look for in a pitch

15:35 How storytelling can impact a pitch

18:25 Investors perspective on storytelling

19:55 Intro to Interlock Capital and their network

22:40 How investors use storytelling

24:40 The story of pivots 

28:30 What’s a tool to help take your storytelling to the next level?