Community Building

How To Catalyze Startup Communities ft. Neal Bloom & Daniel Cerventus

Having a thriving startup ecosystem is vital in supporting new founders and entrepreneurs. Neal Bloom and Daniel Cerventus touch base on how cities can replicate the success San Diego has had with the startup community. Find out strategies and advice to directly impact growth and nourish startups and talent.

"Where do I start?" is what a lot of new entrepreneurs, and business owners think about when finding out ways to tap into their region's startup ecosystem.

Going from idea, to launch, and finally "crushing it," isn't an easy feat. Neal Bloom and Daniel Cerventus hold an open conversation on how people starting in the tech/startup scene can participate and thrive.

Neal highlights his entrepreneurship journey with his transition from a full-time aerospace engineer to an entrepreneur, as well as his participation in organizations like Startup San Diego, Fresh Brewed Tech, and Interlock Capital that have connected him with the San Diego community and inspired him to invest locally.

In this talk expect to learn about:
1) The two pillars of startups - Ecosystem & Community
2) How to collaborate vs. compete in the global startup ecosystem
3) Advice on how to find your team or co-founder
4) The entrepreneur's journey and ways to find resources
5) and more...

This new approach of cultivating the local startup environment can be replicated among other cities/regions and even build on each other's strengths and solve weaknesses.

Building your startup community is the most impactful way to help your city thrive, keep local talent, and grow your region's industry. Learn how Neal and various entrepreneurs have accelerated San Diego's startup growth by reinvesting in the local people and businesses.