Interlock Capital deploys $2.7M in funding from over 200 investors in just 11 months

In just four months we doubled the number of Venture Partners investing with us, doubled the number of companies we've funded, and nearly tripled the capital we've deployed!

We are shocked, honored, humbled, and incredibly proud to have come this far already. When Neal and I started Interlock I think we hoped we might break $1M deployed in a full year. We were proud to have broken that barrier in about 8 months. Just 3 months later we've hit new milestones that we never imagined.

Venture Partners

An Interlock Venture Partner is someone who participates with us in funding or supporting portfolio companies. Over 200 of our VPs have invested with us in one or multiple companies. We were lucky enough to get a lot of great San Diego publicity a little over a month ago which contributed to our ability to interview, vet, and on-board enough VPs to double our count from ~100 to ~200. Thank-you to every VP, because without them we can't do what we do!

Companies Funded

One of our goals has always been to leverage our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) within our Venture Partner network to not just fund our companies, but to help us find, evaluate, and support them. In the first 7 months we invested in 6 amazing companies, and in the last 4 months we made another 6 investments. We would never have found, been able to properly evaluate, or fund and support these companies without our network sharing deals and diving in with us.

Capital Deployed

While we were able to double our Venture Partners and companies funded in half the time, we almost tripled our capital deployed in that same 4 month timeframe. As of now we're at $2.7M. We also broke a new record for a single investment by collecting over $900k from our Venture Partners on that one opportunity.


While we've got you, we shared some additional statistics on our transparency page.

If I haven't said it yet, we owe a HUGE thank-you to our Venture Partners who've continued to believe in us and have generously provided time and capital to our portfolio companies. We're nothing without every-single one of you.

We are very proud of our portfolio companies Crafter, KAST, EVmatch, Launch Factory, SURVIVR, Mercato , Verity, Forecastr, San Diego Loyal, Omnitron Sensors, and Impossible Foods that got us to this point. You can see all of our investments here!