Want to be an angel investor? It's easier and more accessible than you think.

Listen in on a conversation with Techstars alumni who are beginning their angel investing journey. 20+ year entrepreneur Al Bsharah shares his thoughts, ideas, and experiences in how he started angel investing and eventually became the General Parter at Interlock Capital.

Our own Al Bsharah was asked to share his journey on becoming an angel investor with a bunch of Techstars alumni who are considering angel investing. Listen in on his journey, what he's learned along the way, and the path he took. There's a great and engaging Q+A afterwards.

Presentation included:

Q+A session included:

  • What's important when choosing a syndicate lead to invest with?
  • Do syndicate leads share what they're investing, and is there signal in that?
  • Do syndicate leads get on calls with you to answer questions?
  • What's things do you look for in a deal memo when reviewing it?
  • Once decided to invest, how much should you commit?
  • What caveats and gotchas should we look out for in fees and carry terms?
  • Do you prefer syndicates that leverage 3rd party platforms for managing the syndicate back-office?
  • How do you deal with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) while choosing investments?
  • How do you measure a founder's ability to be successful?

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LinkedIn: /in/albsharah

Twitter: @ALBsharah